BPC EPM Training – Reporting Follow-Up

BPC EPM Training – Reporting Follow-Up

EPM03.1 – Custom Follow-Up BPC Reporting from EPM Add-In (NW/MS, V 10.0/10.1)

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This training course is intended as a follow-up workshop for those who have completed the ‘EPM03.0 – Reporting from the EPM Add-In’ course. It should be organised between the customer and itelligence sometime after the previous course, in order to allow trainees time to practice reporting on their own BPC system. This course can be customised to address specific problems or aspects of reporting most pressing to the customer, by reviewing and assisting with ongoing reports, as well as sharing additional tips and tricks.

Please note that this training course, as the previous course, is relevant for both Microsoft and NetWeaver BPC system users.

Please also note that no training materials are provided on the course.

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Follow-Up EPM Training Content:

Duration: 1 Day

The content of the training session is agreed with the customer prior to the day. The general structure of the day is as follows:

  • Review the topics from the EPM03.0 reporting course
  • Review and troubleshoot the customer’s reports that are currently in progress
  • Look at and consider alternative report designs and extra functionality advice
  • More complex reports can also be started, considering design options for them

Please note this course is provided on-site and uses the client’s own BPC system.

Follow-Up EPM Training Goals:

By the end of the EPM training, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed the content from the EPM03.0 Reporting course
  • Reviewed and troubleshooted current reporting tasks
  • Discussed any additional tips and trick that might be useful

Follow-Up EPM Training Prerequisites:

As this is a follow-up session, it is required that the delegates have previously partaken in the EPM03.0 Reporting from the Add-In training course.

Follow-Up EPM Training Audience:

This BPC reporting course is intended for those who have completed the ‘EPM03.0 – Reporting from the EPM-add in course’ already.

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