BPC Training – Delta Update for Beginner Admin

BPC Training – Delta Update for Beginner Admin

EPM05.1 – Fundamental BPC Admin Training for NetWeaver with Delta Update

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This two-day training course is intended for beginners who want to learn about the fundamentals of administering the SAP BPC for NetWeaver (Version 10.0/10.1). It will emphasise the changes and updates to the 7.5 system through a number of exercises to build up knowledge and skill. It is assumed there may be completely new users in the room, so the full extent of BPC administration content is discussed.

Please note this admin course does not cover the changes to reporting within the BPC 7.5 system.

A copy of the full slide deck will also be circulated to all attendees for any required support on the job.

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Fundamental BPC Admin Training Content:

Duration: 2 days


  • Comparing BPC 7.5 and BPC 10.1 for NetWeaver
  • Migration – what does and does not migrate
  • A few changes in terminology
  • Web Client
  • Planning and Consolidation Administration
  • EPM Add-in for Excel
  • EPM Add-in for Word and PowerPoint


  • Overview
  • Managing Environments
  • Managing Dimensions
  • Managing Dimension Properties
  • Managing Dimension Members
  • Managing Models

Data Manager

  • Overview
  • Clear package
  • Copy package
  • Export package
  • Import package
  • Managing packages

Work Status

  • Work Status overview
  • Work Status Configuration – Environment
  • Work Status Configuration – Model
  • Modifying Work Status
  • Work Status reports


  • Processes overview
  • Template SetUp
  • Managing Instances
  • User experience of processes
  • Process Reporting


  • Audit Activation
  • Audit Reporting


  • Security overview
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Task profiles
  • Data Access profiles
  • Security reports

Introduction to logic

  • Introduction
  • Worksheet logic
  • Basic script logic
  • BADIs
  • Allocations
  • Business rules

Fundamental BPC Admin Training Goals:

  • Be aware of the changes from 5
  • Understand the structure of SAP BPC and the elements involved in creating a System
  • Maintain the structures and dimensions in SAP BPC
  • Work with data in SAP BPC
  • Understand and manage Security and Work Status
  • Develop processes for easy user Access
  • Understand the auditing options in SAP BPC
  • Understand the different types of logic for running calculations in the System

Fundamental BPC Admin Training Prerequisites:

The only competency required for completion of this admin course is a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Fundamental BPC Admin Training Audience:

This admin training course is intended for novice users of the SAP EPM 10 system. It is appropriate for a range of job titles, including application administrators and consultants.

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