BPC Training – Delta Update for Reporting

BPC Training – Delta Update for Reporting

EPM05.3 – BPC Report Training for Delta Update from 7.5

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This two-day training course will teach attendees how to build reports in the updated BPC EPM Add-in for Excel. It will highlight the key changes from the Delta update, from BPC 7.5 to EPM 10 and will cover full reporting content in the new 10.0/10.1 system. This content is also put in context relative to the equivalent functionality in BPC 7.5. This BPC training is applicable for both the Microsoft and NetWeaver BPC platforms and will be suitable for both novice and experienced BPC 7.5 users.

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BPC Reporting Training Content:

Duration: 2 days

This reporting course will cover the following BPC-related topics:


  • Reporting differences between BPC 7.5 and EPM 10
  • Migrating from BPC 7.5 to 10.1
  • Some key terminology changes
  • EV to EPM Function Conversion
  • Introduction to BPC Structures
  • Notes on Security

The EPM Add-in for Excel

  • EPM Add-in for Excel
  • Creating Reports
  • Member Selector


  • Context
  • Functions/Formula
  • Managing Reports
  • Input Forms
  • Report Editor Settings
  • Sheet Options
  • Other Report Formats
  • Local Members
  • Formatting
  • Further Functionality

BPC Reporting Training Goals:

By the end of the two days’ training it is hoped delegates will be:

  • Aware of the changes from BPC 7.5
  • Able to build Reports and Input Forms in the EPM Add-in for Excel
  • Able to use the settings available in the Report Editor
  • Able to use dynamic formatting
  • Able to actively use the features and functions available in a variety of reporting Scenarios

BPC Reporting Training Prerequisites:

In order to succeed on this report training delegates should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

BPC Reporting Training Audience:

This reporting training course is intended for both experienced novice users of the SAP BPC 10.1 system.

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