BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Report Design Training (V3.1)

BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Report Design Training (V3.1)

BOW320v3 – Advanced training for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Report Design (Version XI 3.1)

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This one-day intensive training course is aimed at report designers using version XI 3.1 of BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, who want to push their knowledge and experience to the advanced level. Delegates will be taught the skills required to apply alternative reporting and query techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents. To attend this advanced course you must have already taken the beginner course for Web Intelligence XI 3.1 and be comfortable working with all the aspects of Web Intelligence covered on it.

SAP’s Web Intelligence software allows you to uncover fast, decision-ready business intelligence (BI) on any device and from any data source.

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Web Intelligence Advanced Training Content:

Duration: 1 day

Advanced Query Techniques

  • Using combined queries
  • Using sub-queries
  • Creating a query based on another query
  • Changing data sources
  • Using the query drill
  • Using query sampling
  • Understanding dimensions and details

Character and Date String Functions

  • Using character string functions
  • Concatenating different data types
  • Using date functions

Calculation Contexts

  • Understanding calculation contexts
  • Redefining calculation contexts

Using If Logic

  • Grouping data with If() logic
  • Modifying calculation behavior with If() logic
  • Using IF/ELSEIF

Additional Reporting Techniques

  • Using data tracking
  • Displaying data restricted by a filter or ranking
  • Using additional report functions

Linking to Documents (optional)

  • Linking to documents and URLs in Web Intelligence
  • Creating hyperlinks in the HTML Report Panel
  • Creating hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Rich Client and Java Report Panel

Web Intelligence Advanced Training Goals:

Upon completion of this advanced course, delegates will be able to:

  • Create combined queries and use sub-queries
  • Use character and date string functions
  • Create variables using “If” logic
  • Redefine calculation contexts

There is also an optional extra in which attendees will be shown how to link Web Intelligence documents using the OpenDocument URL command.

Web Intelligence Advanced Training Prerequisites:

In order to be successful on this Web Intelligence training course, attendees must have completed the BOW310V3 – BusinessObjects XIr3.1 Web Intelligence Report Design course.

Web Intelligence Advanced Training Audience:

This training course is intended for report designers experienced in using Web Intelligence Version XI 3.1 and need to create complex Web Intelligence documents.

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