SuccessFactors Foundation Course

SuccessFactors Foundation Course

An introductory course to SuccessFactors administration

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Over the course of a day this foundation training session will introduce system administrators to all the key terminology and concepts related to SuccessFactors. By first identifying all of an administrator’s tasks, the delegates will then be taken through the various tools that will enable them to manage the SuccessFactors system – such as enabling the company system settings, creating permission roles and enabling mobile settings.

By the end of the day, you will begin to appreciate how easy it is to integrate core data with talent and business processes within SuccessFactors Employee Central for improved insight and decision making.

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Successfactors Foundation Course Content:

Duration: 1 day

Administrator Basics

  • Identifying Administrator Tasks
  • Navigating and Accessing Tools and Support in SuccessFactors
  • Communicating with Users
  • Troubleshooting User Login Issues
  • Workshop – Creating and Modifying User Notifications


  • Customising Themes
  • Managing the Home Page
  • Setting a Company Logo
  • Customising Resources, Help and Tutorials
  • Enabling the Show Me Tool
  • Using Action Searches and Custom Navigations
  • Workshop – Working with Themes
  • Workshop – Customising the Home Page
  • Workshop – Working with the Show Me Tool

Company Settings Management

  • Managing Company System Settings
  • Enabling V12 Org Chart
  • Modifying Password and Login Policy Settings
  • Customising the System Language
  • Workshop – Configuring the Org Chart

Mobile Settings

  • Managing Mobile Settings
  • Workshop – Managing Mobile Settings


  • Using Proxy in SuccessFactors
  • Assigning and Removing Proxies
  • Workshop – Assigning and Deleting a Proxy

Role-Based Permissions

  • Describing Role-Based Permissions
  • Managing Role-Based Permission Access
  • Describing Basic Roles
  • Creating Permission Groups
  • Creating Permission Roles
  • Granting the Permission Role to the Group
  • Workshop – Creating Permission Groups
  • Workshop – Granting Permission Roles to a Permission Group

Legacy Permissions

  • Describing Types of Permissions
  • Setting Default User Groups and Permission
  • Setting Administrative Privileges
  • Running Security Permissions Reports
  • Workshop – Setting Administrative Privileges
  • Workshop – Running a Security Permission Report

Successfactors Foundation Course Goals:

By the end of the day course delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the responsibilities of a typical SuccessFactors system administrator.
  • Access and navigate through SuccessFactors.
  • Communicate with users.
  • Troubleshoot user login and account issues.
  • Manage Themes and set the Company Logo.
  • Enable and disable Company System Settings to meet the needs of your organisation.
  • Enable V12 Org Chart.
  • Enable and disable Mobile options.
  • Manage and utilise proxy.
  • Set-up Role-Based permissions.

SuccessFactors Foundation Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this SuccessFactors training.

SuccessFactors Foundation Course Audience:

This foundation course is aimed at SuccessFactors administrators

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