SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Training

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Training

Training for Administration in SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

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This training course will introduce SuccessFactors system administrators to the Recruiting module concepts and terminology, to enable you to implement the recruitment strategy within your organisation. The recruiting module allows you to post job openings to over 3,000 sources across over 80 countries, improve your site’s ranking on major search engines and receive detailed analytics by various data points. Through hands-on practice, delegates will gain the skills required to manage recruitment in their organisations through SuccessFactors.

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SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Content:

Duration: 1 day

This training course will cover the following topics:

Getting Started

  • Recruiting Management Module Overview
  • Recruiting Process Overview

Setting up the System

  • Recruiting Roles
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Route Map
  • Form Template Settings
  • Recruitment Administrative Settings
  • Workshop – Granting User Permissions
  • Workshop – Creating a Route Map

Managing the Recruiting Process

  • Job Requisition Header and Footer
  • Picklists
  • Pre-Screen Questions
  • Competencies
  • Recruiting Groups
  • Team Recruiting
  • Building and Managing the Candidate Program
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Offer Process
  • Workshop – Managing the Recruiting Process

Recruiting Agency

  • Setup Agency in Instance
  • Posting Job Requisition to an Agency Portal
  • Submit a Candidate to the Requisition from Agency portal

Recruiting Admin Tools

  • Apply with LinkedIn Functionality
  • Deleting and Restoring Job Requisition
  • Data Privacy Consent Statement
  • System Privacy
  • Data Purge
  • Custom Help Text
  • Duplicate Candidates
  • Enabling Employee Referral
  • Workshop – Working with Job Requisitions

Recruiting Email Templates

  • Email Notification Templates
  • Recruiting Email Templates
  • Connecting Email Templates with Applicant Status
  • Ad Hoc Emails
  • Recruiting Email Triggers
  • Offer Letter Templates
  • Workshop – Create and Connect Recruiting Email Template
  • Workshop – Create and Send an Offer Letter


  • Requisition Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Recruiting STEM Reports
  • Special Reports

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Goals:

Attendees should be able to do the following by the end of the day:

  • Setup the recruiting system.
  • Manage the recruiting process.
  • Understand the use of recruiting agencies.
  • Configure the system using the admin tools.
  • Configure recruiting email templates.
  • Understand recruiting reports.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Prerequisites:

Please ensure you have completed the SuccessFactors Foundation Course before embarking upon this recruitment management course.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Audience:

This SuccessFactors training course is best suited to administrators of the SuccessFactors system within their organisation, who are responsible for implementing a recruitment strategy.

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