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Crystal Reports Training – BOC

An accelerated training course for creating Crystal reports

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This accelerated 3-day Crystal Reports training course will equip delegates with all the necessary understanding and skills to plan and build sophisticated Crystal reports. The application can transform data from a range of sources into meaningful information. This course is ideal for report developers who need to regularly provide and share intuitive reports with key business stakeholder. The in-depth training will provide comprehensive insight into the entire cycle of report creation, from planning to distribution.

By the end of the 3 days’ training you will be able to expertly maximise the potential of the Crystal reporting application to analyse and interpret data and add value to your presentations.

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Crystal Reports Training – Course Content:

Duration: 3 days

The basics:

  • Creating a Report
  • Connecting to a data source
  • Adding tables
  • The design environment
  • Inserting Objects
  • Formatting reports
  • Saving documents
  • The Workbench
  • Inserting Special Fields
  • Selecting Records
  • Modifying record selection
  • Understanding saved and refreshed data

Sorting, Grouping & Summarising

  • Sorting records
  • Grouping records
  • Summarising data

Applying Section Formatting

  • Formatting Sections
  • Creating a summary report

Creating Formulas

  • Creating formulas
  • Applying Boolean formulas
  • Applying If-Then-Else formulas
  • Applying date calculations
  • Applying number calculations
  • Applying string manipulations

Creating Variables

  • Defining Variables
  • Creating Variables

Applying Conditional Reporting

  • Determining trends in data
  • Formatting data conditionally

Creating Parameters

  • Static parameters
  • Dynamic parameters

Representing Data Visually

  • Creating a chart

Working with Crosstabs

  • Creating a crosstab

Working with Sections

  • Conditionally formatting sections
  • Using group-related functions to format sections

Specialised Reporting

  • Running Total fields
  • Top N reporting

Report Processing

  • Utilise multi-pass reporting
  • Evaluation time functions

Working with subreports

  • Define subreports
  • Unlinked subreports
  • Linked subreports

Crystal Reports Training Goals:

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to comprehensively use the crystal reporting application.

Crystal Reports Training Prerequisites:

To be successful, delegates who attend this Crystal Reports course must have working knowledge of the following:

  • Windows conventions
  • Reporting tools
  • Basic database concepts

Crystal Reports Training Audience:

This Crystal Reports training course is ideal for report developers.

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