The new system has improved employee satisfaction and productivity by creating a clearer and more engaging review process, enabling managers to provide accurate and meaningful feedback and coaching.

Ozalp Ahmet Tik, IT & IS Manager, GENPA A.S.

GENPA ranked 1st in Mobile Telephone category, 1st in Distributor and Equipment subcategories,
and 6th in general ranking with its overall sales turnover according to the 2014 data of “Turkey’s Top 500 IT Companies” by Interpromedya.

Challenges and Benefits


  • HR system was not integrated
  • Manual processes and Excel-based spreadsheets being used
  • Lack of global HR process standardization
  • Limited user access to system


  • Single version of data truth
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Self-service HR
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduced IT costs


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

GENPA A.Ş., Istanbul, Turkey

GENPA achieves fast business value, employee satisfaction with SuccessFactors

About the Project

A Need for Standardization GENPA reaches an extensive area across Turkey and has more than 1,000 sales points. However, while its employees share a mission to deliver fast, high-quality service to customers, GENPA’s HR system was not efficiently managing these employees’ information. Company HR executives needed to change local processes to implement consistent, global standards without having to invent them. HR personnel wanted a system that would provide one reliable source of data truth for their employees, while also providing the ability to allocate roles in the system and grant access to their users. GENPA decided that cloud-based SuccessFactors solutions would provide the functionality needed to meet their objectives.

Fast SuccessFactors Transformation Because GENPA had worked with itelligence Turkey for a successful on-premise SAP Payroll and Employee/Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) project, the company confidently turned to itelligence again for the SuccessFactors implementation. Beginning in mid-2015, GENPA and itelligence began planning the SuccessFactors approach to specifically address performance and goals management as well as succession and development.

itelligence’s SuccessFactors experience was the most valuable asset in the planning phase, as the team anticipated any potential bumps before the project started. As a result, itelligence was able to provide GENPA with a realistic time scheme to ensure an on-time implementation. Another key to the project’s success was a team enablement process in project methodology that established separate, dedicated teams from GENPA and itelligence to efficiently accomplish tasks.

Thanks to SuccessFactors, GENPA’s goal for a single, integrated HR system supported by common and standard global processes has been accomplished. Today, the company’s HR department and other professional staff, 450 SuccessFactors users in total so far, have a culture and an HR operating model based around self-service and data-driven


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