Digitising SAP one step at a time: Accounts Payable Automation and Transformation

Accounts Payable Automation and Transformation – Digitising SAP one step at a time:

Would you like to transform the processes within the Accounts Payable Department?

On Demand Webinar

View the On Demand Webinar where we’ll explain how to automate the whole process from purchase requisition to invoice approval with full integration to SAP.

The webinar will showcase itelligence products that automate the process of scanning invoices, OCR recognition and controls the workflow approval stages once in SAP!

  • Automate Scanning
  • Extract data/information from PDF Invoices (and other documents)
  • Implement Invoice Workflow Management
  • Full integration to SAP ERP

Reduce Accounts Payable Workload

As a result, you can reduce your accounts payable workload, save time and cost from moving away from paper to digital scanning and approvals. This webinar will focus on a finance use case, however the solution can be used to scan and manage any documents within SAP. So, if you work in the finance or IT function or need to work with a vast amount of documents on a daily basis then join this webinar and find out how to streamline your interactions with SAP.


Accounts Payable Automation and Transformation – Digitising SAP one step at a time

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