Transfer Pricing Webinar Recording

If you are responsible for setting and monitoring Transfer Prices in your organisation and can no longer accept spreadsheets you need to see the SAP PCM Transfer Pricing webinar recording.

With recent standards published by the OECD and European Commission, including Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) the pressure is increasing on Finance managers and Tax departments to provide transparency. It’s imperative that you have deep insight into your costs to be compliant and support strategic decisions.

Additionally, some of the key issues such as the following are creating delays and further implications on business objectives:

  • Tax leakage
  • Lack of transparency
  • Penalties/Reputational damage
  • Highly skilled resources spending time on low value activities
  • No support to top management on tax implications of key executive decisions

The question is – How do you overcome these problems effectively? How do you:

  • Control and Govern Transfer Prices
  • Improve cash tax management
  • Reduce risk in compliance, accuracy, and manual errors
  • Get real-time tax scenarios


Transfer Pricing Webinar Recording:

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