Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting


We have significant experience helping clients manage their data to report on their organisation’s performance.

Requirement Analysis

We will understand the current business intelligence reporting requirements for key stakeholders in the business and identify any future reporting requirements they foresee. It is important to cover both the standard reporting needs and the ad-hoc analysis demands placed on your organisation.

In addition to gathering business intelligence reporting requirements, we will also examine expected reporting behaviours, timing, availability needs and performance expectations, which will drive the surrounding architecture.


Financial planning

We create systems for financial professionals that link smoothly with the rest of the organisation’s information infrastructure, pulling together budgeting, strategic planning, financial monitoring and financial reporting processes within one, easy-to-use platform.

Financial planning systems help finance departments to accelerate, standardise and control their core processes. In turn these better integrated, more efficient processes make it easier to adopt sophisticated strategic planning models, forecast more frequently and extend collaboration beyond the finance team.

Performance management

Performance management helps organisations achieve their strategic goals, tracking progress at every step to reveal what is working in the business.

Performance management systems help to align people across the organisation with strategies and objectives – all the way from the boardroom to the front line. They work by encouraging actions and behaviours that take you towards your goals and discouraging those that do not. Managers can see what needs fixing, and each person can understand what the strategy means to them.

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