Data Warehouse Consulting

Data Warehouse Consulting


When organisations decide to improve their performance management, business intelligence and financial planning systems, they often find that the structure and reliability of their data is the greatest contraint.  It is often difficult to access, merge or even make sense of the underlying data.

Data warehousing – also known as reporting databases, central data-hubs or datamarts – is designed to address these problems. Data warehouses structure and hold your data in formats that provide the best possible results, providing the foundations for the most effective information systems.

If you’re looking for a holistic view of your organisation, our data warehouse consulting experts can help.  In order to do their job properly, data warehouses must be built around your strategic objectives and core processes.

itelligence’s data warehousing architects will examine, analyse and understand your requirements to recommend the right solution for you – a data warehouse that will ensure you have the power to analyse your performance in-depth and increase the efficiency of your core processes.

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