Augmented-reality specialist metaio turns to SAP Business ByDesign and itelligence for its enterprise software

metaio is considered a leading innovator in what will become one of the key software trends for the next few years: augmented reality (AR). With AR, the user’s immediate surroundings become the user interface via a mobile terminal such as a smartphone or tablet. Digital information about places and objects is inserted in a natural-looking way into the real environment, for example as a moving image or 3D animation.

Analysts predict that in the next two years the industry for AR software will significantly increase. As mentioned in this post about the overall AR phenomenon, some analysts expect AR market share to exceed $350 million in the United States alone by 2014.

Given the company’s exceptional agility, swift processes and outstanding flexibility, metaio immediately impressed and inspired us. We’re excited to help our dynamic new partner with a focused and effective implementation service supported by SAP Business ByDesign.

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