Our Culture

Our Company's Core is Our People

They are the center of all we do -- for our customers and for each other.

We Inspire People to Grow

Our unique culture at itelligence inspires colleagues and customers to grow in their jobs. And we motivate people to show their personalities. We want and support independent, curious and well-rounded people. We motivate people to be themselves and to learn new things – every day. Be it new SAP product functionalities, new business models like the cloud, or learning about new industry requirements, the opportunities to learn and grow every day are vast and exciting. Therefore we support a culture of learning – we learn, we share, we grow.


If you check a dictionary for the meaning of passion, one definition really stands out for us if we describe the passion of itelligence employees: an eager desire. All around the world, we see the passion of our employees. Examples include our eagerness to make a contribution, to go the extra mile if need be, to take a stand and to take responsibility; but also our desire to meet new people, to enjoy company events together and balance work with our private lives. Every day we sense the energy and passion of our employees. It shows in our work and in our lives, in how we engage with each other and with our customers.


No matter what customer site our employees go to, which itelligence office we visit, no matter what employee we talk to: our people are down to earth and humble.You will not find arrogance at itelligence; it is neither welcome nor accepted. We have a great culture that arises from the cooperation of hardworking, professional and respectful people. Our people gain job satisfaction in helping others, not by promoting themselves. This has been part of our company‘s DNA since our beginning and remains a foundation for our future.


Last but certainly not least, is the concept of togetherness. itelligence is an exceptional team of people working together to achieve customer and company success. All across the globe, we cooperate towards a common goal with a positive outlook and enthusiasm. We earn each other’s trust and we celebrate success.

An old African proverb sums it up:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

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