Our Mission

We Transform. Trust into Value.

We drive innovation -- designing, implementing, managing and continuously enhancing business solutions.

We Transform. Trust into Value

This is our claim. For us, this claim is important as it reflects our self-perception, our purpose and our ambitions. This claim forms our compass and provides us with orientation.


First and foremost, it is about us. We, each and every one of us, is personally responsible for making smart decisions and moving our organization forward. ‘We’ is not a sum of individuals, we act together. As colleagues in our teams, within the NTT DATA family, and as partners to our customers and SAP. It is us who are in charge and called for to take action for the future.


This is not just about change. It is about taking a new direction. And about making profound changes and innovating the way we work and what we offer to our clients. We proactively respond to changes in our environment and aspire to shape it. We are the guides for our customers, taking on the digital challenge. We see this as a big opportunity to successfully transform ourselves and help our clients to do the same.


Trust, like many other important things in life, can neither be measured nor substituted. All strong, positive relationships are based on it, in private as well as in business life. It is given and earned. Our People Values describe behavior that creates trust, like being honest and reliable, focusing on colleagues and clients, appreciating diversity, listening and creating a common understanding. This behavior will earn the trust of new customers and reinforce the trust of our long-term customers and partners.


Value emerges from trust – in clients, colleagues and all partners in our ecosystem. And it makes us proud that we are trusted to deliver value for them. This is our dedication: We will not just sell a product or provide a service. We will co-create value as a trusted partner and innovator. And we strive to increase the value of our organization for healthy and strong growth and organizational development.

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