Best Practices for Chemicals 2018

Best Practices for Chemicals 2018
Austin, TX
03/06/2018 – 03/07/2018

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Visit us during the show at Booth #16 to hear about our latest innovations and solutions for digital transformation that we offer to the SAP Chemicals Community. Attend our live session,

Thriving in a ‘MAD’ World (Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures): Making Sound, Strategic Business Decisions”

Brian Everett, itelligence and Dr. Sarves Peri, Monument Chemical
Wednesday, March 7th – 12:25 PM

Chemical companies are very familiar to the world of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, inclusive of the far-reaching impact these developments have on their organization’s long-term success. Companies often times find themselves constantly having to refine interfaces due to externalities, new entrants created from company spin-offs pose new challenges to established organizations, and quick integration to achieve an accelerated ROI are all realities of this ‘ever-accelerating’ world. One of the key facets of being able to thrive in such an environment is rooted in having a sound technological platform that is nimble, scalable, and flexible in being able to integrate new companies and spin-off other business units/divisions. This session will share experiences and discuss approaches on how to prepare, align, and position a chemical company to be transformed into a digitally-run business. Key business benefits:

  • SAP Best Practices Foundation to enable harmonized business processes across a company grown via acquisition
  • Alignment to leverage cloud-based technologies through establishment of a digital core
  • Technology viewed as a ‘business enabler’ that will involve a continuous and ever-evolving journey

About Best Practices for Chemicals

“The chemical industry is drastically evolving through a collision of forces. Business models have accelerated with a shifted focus on the customer, massive consolidations and M&A’s changing the leader board, digitization revamping antiquated business processes, and cyber security threats forcing companies to develop contingency plans for the unexpected. Best Practices for Chemicals powers industry leaders to collaborate, share, and learn together as the entire community faces these challenges head on.

Discussing the most innovative solutions and exploring the next business evolutions, this conference presents the latest solutions to the SAP chemicals community. Attendees discover brilliant strategies and innovative technologies to influence and improve their business’s bottom line. At Best Practices for Chemicals, you’ll walk away with invaluable resources, unparalleled content, and an empowering network of industry and business experts.” For more information visit


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