Cloud Platform Technologies for the Intelligent Enterprise

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Empower Agility with SAP Cloud Platform and Hyperscaler Offerings

Cloud platforms are providing speed and agility and are the core for answering the challenges of digitization. But how exactly are these flexibility gains achieved?

Learn about the options provided by the cloud that will raise performance and minimize failure risk of your applications in a reliable and stable way. There are an overwhelming number of offerings out there, how does your company decide which ones might suit your individual requirements better?

What This Webinar Is About

Which cloud offerings fit my business best? Many companies struggle to stay on top of things and understand the different cloud offerings that are currently available in the fast moving market.

Learn more about your cloud options, their benefits and restrictions and how you can generate business value with flexible services and tools offered by SAP and itelligence. And what’s more: cloud-based technologies are also at the core of the Intelligent Enterprise, moving you from the passenger seat into a driving position for digitalization.

You Will Learn

  • The common principles and the different focus areas and benefits of cloud offerings
  • What Hyperscalers are and which key success factors to consider in cloud computing
  • Why the SAP Cloud platform is of strategic importance for innovation
  • How to generate business value with cloud-based technologies

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