The Race to Adopt SAP HANA: How HANA Will Determine the Winners in Tomorrow’s Business World


With the buzz surrounding In-Memory Computing (SAP HANA), the question left unanswered is… “Can HANA deliver true business value for my enterprise?” 

View the recorded webcast from March 13th, where itelligence and Surrex,  address this question by showing you cost-effective and measurable value gained by leveraging HANA.

Take this opportunity to learn:
SAP HANA implementation successes, challenges, and best practices
– Lessons learned from HANA implementations
– Performance metrics associated with HANA
– The business value (ROI) realized from HANA

itelligence and Surrex will provide everything you need to know about SAP HANA, including options available for test driving the business value that HANA can deliver to your enterprise.

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