Johnsonville Sausage’s Consolidated Approach to Holistic Global Trade Services Success


The keys to achieving successful growth on a global scale include understanding the velocity involved and the amount of process change required. One company that has successfully navigated this challenge in its move to a global company is Johnsonville Sausage.

Attend this webinar to hear Johnsonville Sausage detail its success in implementing SAP Global Trade Services’ export functionality to support the export operations and objectives outlined in its “No touch international” initiative.

View this webinar and you’ll hear:

  • An overview of the three year process from selection to implementation
  • How Johnsonville automates processes, reduces costs and compliance risks, increases accuracy and productivity, and enhances electronic connectivity
  • Tips from Johnsonville and their partner itelligence on implementing SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) for accelerated supply chain performance
  •  A review of the benefits of using one system globally for trade compliance, from integration to auditing

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