Learn How to Create a Faster Close by Automating Cash Flow


Cash flow is one of the last financial statements to be generated and most often includes a manual and tedious effort to compile all the necessary data. Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn to automate much of your cash flow statement systematically
  • Discover a process-driven planning and consolidation tool
  • Understand the importance of eliminating manual processes

What if you could automate much of your cash flow? This would be a great benefit for your organization because automation:

  • Reduces the reliance on linked spreadsheets and greatly reduces manual effort, making the process quicker and more efficient
  • Increases accuracy by decreasing the chance for human error
  • Moves responsibility to the subsidiary accountants who are most familiar with the transactions posted
  • Frees up your staff time to be spent analyzing information rather than compiling data

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Location: Your Desk!
Date: Wednesday, Apr. 26th
Time: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 11AM PST

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