Manufacturing Cost-Effective, Timely and Tailored Customer Solutions


Manufacturers, of all types, are faced with the challenge of tailoring customer solutions that are developed quickly and produced cost-effectively.  Especially for multi-mode manufacturing and manufacturers, who produce in more than one facility, standardizing products and processes at the same time can be a challenge.  Not only does cost become a concern, but providing your customers with what they are promised, in a timely manner, also is critical in achieving long and short-term business goals.

Listen to the replay from July 22nd, and hear Sean Molloy, Industry Solution Principal, discuss how SAP’s ERP software platform features a highly specialized manufacturing industry focus at its core, with added functionality and tools as proof.  In addition, itelligence has molded SAP’s tools further for manufacturers to provide additional flexibility, ease of use and optimization across business processes.

The webcast will cover how manufacturers can:
– Develop customer-specific solutions while standardizing products
– Leverage specific tools at sale order entry that allow determination of capacity and materials at point of order
– Ensure promising production at entry point.

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