Moving to a Faster Close with Speedier Intercompany Reconciliations


If you’re like most companies, you want a faster close process so your business analysts can spend more time forecasting and analyzing data, and less time manually inputting data. Intercompany reconciliations slow your close process down because:

  • Your subsidiaries are on a different ERP or general ledger systems
  • You’re not capturing the necessary details of intercompany transactions
  • The security profiles of each accountant prevents them from viewing the activity for the other entity, making the process cumbersome

But how can you alleviate these issues? According to the Journal of Accountancy, one of the top five best practices for intercompany accounting is to implement an intercompany reconciliation tool. Join itelligence on March 16 as we show how to streamline the intercompany reconciliation process to help you get to a faster close. We’ll share tips and tricks to get you to a faster close by focusing on your intercompany reconciliation.

When: Thursday, March 16 at 2 PM EST

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