SuccessFactors Series Part Five: Transform Learning to Improve Business Execution


Empowering employees with the ability to learn new skills is a critical component in driving business execution and delivering better business results.  As the learning environment shifts, the workforce now learns through a combination of formal, informal, social and extended learning.  With a solution like SuccessFactors, employees’ learning needs are addressed throughout different stages of their employment life cycle, incorporating a combination of innovative content management, analytics and mobile capabilities to better fit each individual’s needs.

Listen to the replay from Wednesday, April 9, for the final presentation of our HCM solution with Jeff Styer, SAP HCM Manager.  During this time, Jeff will address the  learning needs of employees to accelerate performance, decrease expenses and stimulate collaboration and   innovation within an organization.

The learning session will address:
Learning Analytics:  Use analytics to measure the impact of learning programs and gain insights that drive business forward.
Learning Management:  Implement a Learning Management System (LMS) to deploy a comprehensive strategy, allowing for the creating of courses and curriculum based on a number of objectives including performance goals, succession plans, or personal development.
Social Learning:  Encourage social and informal learning as part of LMS to access global resources and learning through social communities to accelerate business and employee performance.
–  iContent:  Eliminate the hassle of content management, with a solution that alleviates the burden of online content management, while reducing costs and increasing training efficiency to allow more focus on the quality and effectiveness of training.
Extended Enterprise:  Seamlessly share training assets with extended networking, including   suppliers, resellers, customers, contractors or association members.

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