SuccessFactors Series Part Four: Recruiting a Strong Workforce


Replacing a bad hire can be costly to an organization – as much as three times that individual’s salary – and the stakes remain high for identifying the best talent, recruitment strategy and technology.   As part of the HCM total solution, SuccessFactors Recruiting enables organizations to be better, faster and more flexible than competitors to attract, engage and hire talent that will drive business forward.

Listen to the replay from Wednesday, April 2nd, for part four of our HCM Solution webcast series with Jeff Styer, SAP HCM Manager.  Jeff will address the importance of implementing a strong, efficient and complete recruiting solution using the right technology to transform the hiring processes into a strategic and measurable talent strategy.

The learning session will address the importance of using a comprehensive end-to-end Recruiting Execution Platform, including marketing and   management, that will take recruiting to the next level and enhance an organization’s overall talent strategy, including:

– Using an interactive, multi-channel approach that enables the right candidate to see the right messages at the right time
– Initiating and maintaining relationships with candidates using tools that create less work for recruiters but provide more return on   investment
– Creating an objective, collaborative and mobile process that is simple, yet effective, for simplified hiring processes
– Integrating recruiting decisions to become part of an organization’s strategy for workforce planning, succession, onboarding and internal mobility

Dont forget to join us for the final webcast of the  five-part series:
Learning, April 9:   Address the learning needs of employees to accelerate performance, decrease expenses and stimulate collaboration and innovation, within your organization, to help drive business execution and deliver better business results.

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