SuccessFactors Series Part Two: Managing Workforce Talent


Businesses face the continued challenge of having the right talent, in the right place, to effectively execute strategy and meet goals.  Whether a talent gap results from a worker being utilized ineffectively, or the departure of another employee, the effects can be felt throughout the organization.  Solutions, like SuccessFactors Succession & Development, allow organizations to view the entire workforce to continuously align talent with business objectives and provide insights to bridge those talent gaps.

View the recording for part two of our total HCM solution webcast series with Nina Fry, SuccessFactor Consultant.  Nina will discuss the  importance of anticipating and identifying talent gaps to proactively plan for change in existing and potential talent pools.

The session will address how managers can:
– Collect valuable insights about current employees and identify gaps within the organizational structure to avoid poor execution.
– Develop plans to counteract the talent gaps and leverage company-wide talent searches to balance the needs of the company with individual career goals.
– Identify and eliminate talent gaps by proactively planning for change.

The remaining 3 webcasts of the five-part series will feature the following segments:
Performance And Goals Management, March 26th:  Enable managers with the tools needed to align employee activities with organizational strategy and  monitor performance
Recruiting, April 2nd:  Identify,  attract and  engage candidates with a full  recruiting marketing solution   that can  become part of an overall talent strategy.
Learning, April 9th:   Address the  learning   needs of employees to accelerate performance, decrease  expenses and  stimulate collaboration and  innovation within your  organization to help drive business  execution and deliver better business results

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