Tips to Matching Your Business Goals with a Warehouse Management System


As the global economy has become more competitive, supply chains need to become more agile to meet changing business priorities such as seasonality of product offerings, seamless business cycles, and the impact of mergers and acquisitions. More companies are realizing that a strategic warehouse management solution (WMS) is a critical component of their overall supply chain strategy. As a result, the role of WMS is expanding to include light manufacturing, labeling and kitting, transportation management, workload optimization, and labor management.

View this webinar and you’ll learn how to match your WMS technology requirements with your business and supply chain goals. Topics covered include:

  • How to develop a supply chain roadmap to ensure your business can meet the current market challenges
  • The benefits of a holistic, comprehensive software solution to handle all of your warehousing requirements
  • Why working with a trusted advisor on a strategic roadmap can spur future growth
  • How itelligence’s solution mobilizes data communication through RF devices

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