Using the Latest in SAP UX for Business Partner Collaboration on Premise and in Cloud


With the widespread availability of easy to use smart devices, social media and other consumer technology, you now expect the same ease of use from your business software, correct?  With that in mind, SAP redesigned their user experience (UX), providing consumer grade simplicity, while still fulfilling unique business users needs.

While over 500 SAP Fiori apps already support many user roles and B2E scenarios, you can also take advantage of the SAPUI5 framework and Fiori design philosophy to provide your business partners with simple to use tools that run on any device.

The result is a user experience that is personalized, responsive and simple.  This in turn accelerates your suppliers adoption and usage of SAP solutions, thus improving the ROI of your SAP investment.

View this one hour webcast we will:
  • Discuss how to leverage SAPUI5 and Fiori design principles to build attractive apps for use by your business partners
  • Explain why we think the framework is best suited for the task and review the tools and templates that make development quick and easy
  • Compare on premise and SAP HANA Cloud Platform deployment options
  • Explore a few common partner collaboration use cases and take a look at an example of an itelligence developed Vendor Portal that enables vendors to access and interact with purchase order data to confirm delivery dates, quantities and even carry out pre-inspection of items prior to shipping.

    the recording from April 21st to learn all of this and more.

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