Webinar: Real World Examples to Increase Top Line Revenue by Implementing Analytics into Your Business

increase top line revenue using SAP analytics

Learn how your organization can use SAP analytics tools to increase top line revenue, decrease costs, and get a better understanding of your organization using data and dashboards. We will review real-world use cases that can be easily adopted to help other companies use their data better. Attend this webinar to learn how:

  • A large wholesale distribution company added over $7 million in annual profit at an investment cost of only $500,000 by optimizing their sales prices
  • Utilizing your sales data with SAP’s Predictive Analytics and Analytics Cloud can strategically improve price performance and profitability
  • Applying IoT Sensor data to SAP Analytics improve process through-put and product quality
  • Using easy analytics dashboards can provide insight into product quality
  • Linking finance to lines of business with one cloud-based tool can provide insights into your entire organization to streamline operations

Dan Cupersmith, Principal CPM Solutions and Innovations, itelligence
Robert Chicvak, Solution Architect, Supply Chain, itelligence

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