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Customers today have more choices and power than ever before.  They no longer want to, nor have to, run through predetermined sales processes dictated by you, the seller.  The journey of arriving to a buying decision is more different than ever.  It is critical that your sales team has the tools that deliver the insight needed to establish an understanding of who their customer is, what their pain points are, and what is driving them to make a decision.

While salesforce automation tools today are designed on the traditional CRM paradigm, which is to provide management visibility and to control sales behavior, they are not designed for how salespeople sell today.  These tools don’t address the non-structured activities that consume a large portion of a salesperson’s day, which plays a big part in their success and the overall experience of their customers.

View this complimentary webcast to learn how SAP Cloud for Sales can help your team:

  • Collaborate in context with their extended sales team
  • Tap into the tribal knowledge of the sales organization to find experts, tips and best practices
  • Stay informed – with less effort – about their customers in real time
  • Spend more time selling and closing deals with a tool that allows them to be more productive, anytime, anywhere

View the replay from March 25th to learn all of this and more.

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