Live review from the DSAG congress in Leipzig, Germany (the German-speaking SAP® User Group)

Yesterday morning was the opening of the yearly congress of DSAG – the German-speaking SAP® User Group (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe e.V.)

During the 3 days congress, Leipzig will be a Mecca for German SAP users, with 3,900 visitors, 180 exhibitors and several hundred presentations, to mention just some of the figures associated with this major event.

I have put together a brief summary of the performance of this event in recent years:

Year Location Visitors Exhibitors
2003 Bremen 2,000 50
2004 Leipzig 2,500 75
2005 Bremen 2,500 90
2006 Leipzig 2,550 106
2007 Frankfurt 3,150 108
2008 Leipzig 3,050 111
2009 Bremen 3,050 121
2010 Nuremberg 3,600 137
2011 Leipzig 3,900 170

I the next few days I would like to share with you my experiences from the DSAG congress and try to gather some interesting Insights.

The highlight of yesterday morning was the keynote speech by Jim Hagemann-Snabe. Having given his speech in English last year, he kept the promise he made then and gave his speech in German – definitely a wise choice for the central event of the German-speaking (!) SAP User Group.

The key element in Snabe’s speech was SAP’s innovation strategy:

On the basis of the “core” consisting of the SAP business suite with ERP and analytic components, his speech focused on:

  • “Cloud issue”
  • “Mobile” strategy
  • “In-memory” technology of SAP

There was an important announcement in the form of a promise to deliver mainstream maintenance of SAP Business Suite 7 by 2020. Particularly in light of user dissatisfaction and the confrontational course of the pre-Hagemann-Snabe era (keyword “enterprise support”), SAP is now clearly trying to change course in the direction of cooperation.

The Cloud section of the speech focused on issues such as business-by-design, the SAP app store and the Cross gate acquisition.

SAP’s mobile strategy is based on the Sybase/SAP unwired platform (“SUP”). SAP currently has 14(!) different mobile approaches. In the years to come, these are to be converged onto the SUP. Incidentally, Hagemann-Snabe did not mention the issue of the SAP gateway, an alternative technological mobility basis.

“In-memory” is synonymous with the HANA product and concept, which is designed to bring various application scenarios (analyses, simulations, ad-hoc reports) to real-time speed in the near future.

Summary of the speech: Focused, friendly, cooperative … and thus a good basis for detailed analyses over the next three days.

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