JAB Anstoetz and itelligence AG: Real-time data with ERP mobile apps


JAB Anstoetz is one of the largest fabrics manufacturers worldwide, exporting its collections to more than 80 countries across the globe. Since opening in 1946, the company’s continued success has created new challenges. Until recently, JAB’s ever-increasing size made it difficult for trading partners to access real-time inventory information.

JAB wanted to solve this problem by giving these trading partners  access to the company’s ERP system via mobile devices. In order to achieve this goal, JAB—located in Bielefeld, Germany—turned to one of its neighbors, itelligence AG, and the it.x-mobile solution.

A software framework for the development of mobile SAP applications, it.x-mobile offers the range of SAP-related functions that JAB needed. It only took the itelligence team a few days to fully install the solution and to train JAB employees how to use it. JAB employees with experience in SAP can even use their programming knowledge to create mobile applications and scenarios of their own. Each app only has to be programmed once before it’s ready for use.

New dimension of visibility and approach



All these features helped JAB and itelligence bridge real-time inventory and customer visibility. Now trading partners  can make material orders and reservations with just a few clicks, and if a product is out of stock, customers simply send an email to JAB’s internal-services personnel to receive an availability date.

The real-time dynamic also allows trading partners  to consult the current range whenever they wish, and update their inventory of samples without delay. Other mobile scenarios are already being planned, including a digital product catalogue with high-quality images of products. Of course, all of these capabilities are in addition to the baseline benefits provided by the it.x-mobile solution. JAB customers have all the information they need about availability, delivery times, and prices—right on their mobile devices. A firewall monitors data access for all these activities, keeping the data exchange safe and secure.

You can read more about the features of it.x-mobile, here. For more information about how itelligence helped JAB, click here.

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