Webinar: Automated Document Handling and Your Digital Transformation

More and more companies are realizing that in order to stay competitive they need to automate repetitive tasks. Not doing so, leads to employees with key business knowledge carrying out menial activities that do not help drive up market shares, revenue, and profit.

Automated document handling is key to competitiveness as it alleviates your staff of routine tasks and accelerates efficiency – leaving more time for innovation. But where do you start?

In the past companies would use the term efficiency, when discussing how to become more profitable. Today, in the digital age, this term has been replaced with automation. A starting point for automation is structured data, which is precisely what it.capture provides.

No matter the document type, whether invoices, sales orders, certificates, bank statements, no matter the format – paper, PDF, EDI – and no matter whether the customer is using an ERP or RPA system, it.capture can automate the process. With our user-friendly, modern solution, you are able to keep up with heightened demand, reduce errors to a minimum, automate menial tasks, and at the same time, free up resources for value-adding areas of your business.


Join us for the itelligence webinar

it.capture: Automated Digitalization of Incoming Documents

November 29, 2018 at 14:00 (CET)


it.capture Product Owner Jonas W. Kvist and Senior Sales Manager Bo Andersen will guide you through how it.capture supports customers with automation to minimize time and cost outlay. Discover how you can use automated document recognition to enable RPA processes, and learn from real-life case examples how the tool can be implemented quickly and easily. Interested? Sign up for our free webinar today to get started with automated document handling at your business.

If you would like to learn more about automated document handling, head to our website where you can find useful information on our products it.capture and it.document handling suite.

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– by Bo Andersen, International Senior Sales Manager, itelligence products &
Jonas W. Kvist, Product Owner of it.capture and it.approval, itelligence a/s –

Bo.Andersen@itelligencegroup.com & Jonas.WintherKvist@itelligencegroup.com

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