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To keep your supply chain running smoothly, you need to build strong relationships with suppliers to make sure you receive the goods you need, when you need. For this, the way you communicate with suppliers needs to be fast, efficient, and accurate. Sounds like a lot of work? The itelligence AddOn it.vendor portal offers your business easier supplier collaboration and increased transparency across your entire supply chain – while also saving you precious time.

The market today is moving faster than ever, with customers demanding goods in much shorter time frames. To ensure satisfied customers, you need to make sure your suppliers deliver when expected. Historically, this has required purchase managers to constantly chase suppliers by phone or email communication, which is not a valuable use of their time.

A larger company may employ complex and comprehensive tools to ease supplier relationship management (SRM) but many small to mid-sized companies find they lack the capacity for such extensive programs. For this reason, itelligence developed a web-based application which offers a comprehensive range of functions to simplify supplier collaboration but is accessible to businesses of any size: it.vendor portal.

In January 2019, Brooks Noonan, itelligence Director of Solution Engineering, will be hosting a webinar to show you how the tool collates all important information on purchase orders, invoicing, shipping, and more into separate dashboards for each supplier. In his hour-long presentation you will find out how it.vendor portal provides a clear overview of all activities and transactions to promote better transparency at your business and simplifies SRM.

Register now for our webinar on it.vendor portal – The Solution for Your Supplier Processes, to learn how the application can benefit your company with easier and faster supplier collaboration:

it.vendor portal – The Solution for Your Supplier Processes

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (CET)

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Want to Know More about it.vendor portal?

Based on SAP technology, it.vendor portal has a user-friendly interface that requires little to no training. You and your employees can monitor order status efficiently and make changes to shipment quantities and delivery times in no time at all.

In addition, the application offers a “self-service” approach for vendors, allowing your supplier to login and update information in the database. Say, for example, a shipment will be delayed or there is an upcoming closure of the factory, the supplier can communicate these quickly and easily – eliminating the need for time-consuming communication by phone or email.

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