Webinar: it.product catalog – Acquire Customers and Boost Sales Success

Mobilizing your sales teams and equipping them with all product data is key to them being able to deliver convincing product presentations. This could mean the difference between making a sale or not. However, you require an agile tool to boost sales success and win over your customers. Join our webinar on this topic.  

In the current market, there is an unprecedented level of vendors – providing your customers with more options than ever before. In order to succeed, you need to make what you are offering stand out. The it.product catalog solution from itelligence enables your sales teams to access all product data, even when in the field. This means they have all the information they need to give prospective customers engaging product presentations that boost sales success. Direct order creation also enables you to generate orders immediately and to draw up invoices quickly in the backend to accelerate the sales process.

In our expert-led webinar, you will learn more about it.product catalog and its functions, such as product comparisons and watch lists. In turn, this will enable you and your sales teams to boost sales success with in-depth customer discussions based on accurate product information and market knowledge. Additionally, the module features high video resolutions and quality images to ensure your presentations impress, your pitches are memorable, and that you stand out from the competition.

Join us for the free webinar:

it.product catalog – Enhance Your Sales Activities

15:00 (CET), March 20, 2019
Regardless of whether your company is an SME or a large enterprise, the itelligence webinar on it.product catalog can help you increase your sales success rate with engaging product presentations. Robin Hartmann, Innovation and Portfolio Business Development Manager at itelligence, Germany will explain how to take customer meetings and sales pitches to the next level with real-time product data and attention-grabbing presentations.

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