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Real-Time Solutions for Consumer Products Durables Manufacturers

itelligence helps consumer products durables manufacturers revolutionize business processes with digital transformation.

Unprecedented Opportunities for Growth

Like any consumer goods enterprise, consumer products durables manufacturers need to deliver amazing customer experiences, quickly respond to new markets, continually gain operational efficiencies and adapt to changing regulations.

Here are a few of the unique challenges itelligence helps consumer products durables manufacturers leverage digital technologies and capabilities to solve:

  • Changing Consumer Demands
  • Shrinking Margins
  • Increasing Regulatory Pressures
  • Globalization

Durable Consumer Products Manufacturers Make the Digital Transformation with itelligence

Learn how durable consumer products manufacturers are digitally transforming their businesses with itelligence.

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More Useful Insights into Consumer Products Durables

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How Our Customers Benefit from Us


Driven by Digital Transformation, Silverline Plans its Future

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Nilfisk A/S, Brøndby, Denmark

Nilfisk ensured a simple, standardized and first and foremost automated process for sales order scanning, validation and registration in the ERP system.

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Nilfisk-Advance, Brøndby, Denmark

The Application Management Services (AMS) agreement with itelligence gives Nilfisk-Advance access to global resources for development work in the Group’s SAP environment.

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JP/Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

The project followed a clear SAP turntable and the consultants from itelligence had the experience and the competencies to run the process successfully. At the same time, JP/Politikens Hus noted that no add-ons had been made to the system.

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DuPont, Copenhagen, Denmark

The BPC training project at DuPont in Copenhagen was executed as a 30 day BPC trial, where the EPM team members at the former Danish-owned company Danisco received training in the BPC software.

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Salling Group (former Dansk Supermarked)

The retail giant expects further growth within e-commerce in the future, as more online search- and buying options find their way into the shops via smartphones and tablets. That is why it was widely agreed that the employees in the call centre needed the very best interface to the SAP…

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Wrist Ship Supply, Nørresundby, Denmark

Wrist Ship Supply has 950 employees in 14 countries and a turnover of more than 2.9 billion DKK. The reliability and credibility that the customers demand are the same that the Group wants when it comes to its financial reporting, which is why the Group has successfully implemented SAP BPC.

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JYSK A/S, Aarhus, Denmark

Automatic handling of expense invoices is one of the enterprise advantages of the shared service center in the accounts payable operation of the giant retailer JYSK. The solution behind “e-invoicing” is called it.approval. The SAP partner is itelligence.

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Synoptik, Herlev, Denmark

Synoptik has had a strong cooperation with a team of consultants from itelligence. The Qlik technology opens a fast and intuitive way to knowledge and Synoptik preferred to let the itelligence consultants finish the development of the applications for the business users.

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Shree Malani Group

SAP S/4HANA allows Shree Malani to plan and control its multiple production units and distribution centers seamlessly. Now, in no time, the customer can maintain and process large data volumes.

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Ready to rule the digital economy?

Learn how our worldwide network of SAP specialists and consultants will help you leverage the latest digital technologies and capabilities to:

  • improve demand planning precision
  • enable a responsive supply chain
  • create and introduce new products to customers
  • gain deeper insights into the behavior of consumers and business performance
  • be more innovative in the consumer products market

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