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If you read this blog, you will most likely be familiar with itelligence as an organization, maybe even with one of our hosting organizations in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Denmark or the United States.  … and if not, please keep reading as well so you can get some insight into what our hosting organization is going to put a major focus on in the future…

In all of the above mentioned regions, itelligence hosting is experiencing heavy growth and at the same time, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Companies / our customers have offices and operations all over the globe and rightfully expect a SAP Global Hosting Partner like itelligence to be able to cover all these areas.

…. and we actually already deliver this coverage today. But for me, we do not do this quite to the point that our urge for the highest quality and best customer satisfaction is being satisfied in every aspect.

This is the point where I see my job as the new Global Head of Hosting Delivery Support. Having local delivery centers that perfectly deliver everything our local customers expect from us (and more…) is a very good starting point, but a seamless global collaboration and operation requires a little bit more than that.

From a customer perspective, wouldn’t it be a great thing to know that all data centers and all delivery centers follow the same baseline processes, have the same focus on delivery quality, provide similar certifications and jointly work on improving our efficiency? How about getting the same Service Level Agreement across the globe, integrated reporting and a true one stop shop for all your global hosting needs? That pretty much sums up (on a very high level) what we at itelligence hosting will be heading towards and my role is to coordinate and overlook all these efforts.

So, if you as a customer or as somebody interested in our services have any thoughts on what can be done to make your experience with itelligence hosting delivery even better, please let me know.  I myself and the other members of the Global Hosting Management team on the other side will continue to post about improvements along this journey…

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