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Keeping Pace with Digitization by Adopting Best-in-Class IT Solutions

Finding new strategies for IT to move from being a service provider to a primary driver of business transformation and innovation.

IT as a Driver of Business Transformation and Innovation

It’s not enough that your business needs to compete and win in a market environment that doesn’t look the same two days in a row. The business world is experiencing the convergence of disruptive technologies – like digital transformation, the Internet of Things, mobile technology, big data, artificial intelligence and more. As these technologies gain prominence and become the new drivers of competitive advantage, the business of IT is undergoing a fundamental shift. Today’s IT organization has to make the leap from being a service provider and cost center, to being a primary driver of business transformation and innovation.

It All Starts with the Right IT Strategy

Companies that are successful in the digital era are taking a hybrid approach, using public, private and virtual cloud environments as well as more conventional infrastructure. But IT organizations that go it alone, doing everything in-house, tend to get stuck focusing on tactical activities and keeping the lights on. These teams lack the bandwidth to identify new solutions, streamline processes and truly align with the business.

What’s needed is a strategic partner to help you design, build and manage today’s complex hybrid enterprise IT solutions and help you keep your SAP system at top performance, freeing up your team to focus on strategic activities and collaborate with the business to create the right conditions to drive innovation.

By 2018, more than 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architecture.

IDC Corporate, USA

Information Technology: How We Can Support You

itelligence is a long-standing SAP partner, with nearly three decades of experience in digital solutions, best practices, and cutting-edge technology. We support businesses of all sizes with comprehensive and global managed services, including managed cloud.

Our services are available throughout the world. We provide more than just consultancy; we act as your partner for digitization, streamlining processes, and using resources more effectively.

Are You Ready to Go Digital?

Companies cannot afford to stand still as digitization takes hold of society. But it can be difficult to know what the next steps are. For this reason, you need a trusted partner you can rely on: itelligence. As an experienced full-service provider, we support you across the whole process in leveraging the benefits of digital solutions.

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Are You Facing These IT Business Challenges?

IT Strategy Consulting

Defining an effective IT strategy to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Application Management Services (AMS)

Turning SAP solutions into strategic tools, getting information when you need it, and expanding capabilities.

Advisory Services

Identifying where to make key changes to IT infrastructure, processes, or resource allocation.

Optimization and Enhancement

Keeping up with the changing business landscape and keeping your competitive edge.

Managed Cloud

Accelerating menial business tasks and managing resources efficiently.

Public Cloud Services

Faster adoption and innovation for new applications.

Cloud Is the Answer, but What Is the Question?

Congratulations! By choosing your cloud solution you have already made the right decision. But how can you keep your investment lean, flexible, and cost-saving without investing in your own helpdesk or local IT teams?

With our full-service cloud, we guide you through the agile cloud business. By proactively improving your processes we get the most out of your cloud solution.

Business Process Optimization

Optimize Business Processes for your Digital Journey

Learn why optimizing foundational business processes is crucial for a successful digital journey.

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Introducing Solution Manager in the Cloud

Learn about Solution Manager as a Managed Service (SMaaMS), a secure, cloud-based, best-in-class service delivered as a full managed service or a self-service model.

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Your Cockpit for the Digital Core

Learn how SAP Solution Manager can help you to maintain all enterprise applications while supporting business innovation.

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A Day in the Life: Before and After Solution Manager

View the webinar recording for a practical discussion about how your work day can improve by leveraging Solution Manager 7.2.

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Process Management – the Foundation for Success

View the webinar recording to learn why Solution Manager Process Management has met the incessant demand for meaningful process modeling.

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How SAP Recognizes Our Work - Our Partner Awards

SAP Global Partner Application Management

SAP Pinnacle Awards 2017 as SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year - SME and as Digital Marketing Momentum Partner of the Year

SAP Global Partner Hosting since 2004 and Cloud Services Partner since 2011


itelligence has been looking after our SAP environment for years. We have always had an excellent working relationship and our partnership has become very personal and trusting. It’s clear that these people are just as focused on the future as we are.

Renauld Chapellier, General Manager ERP Core Team, SES S.A.

Managed Cloud Services: SES takes off with itelligence

The Latest Trends Affecting the IT World


We assist businesses of all sizes in defining, implementing, and managing a cloud strategy that suits their needs. We help you increase transparency, accelerate business tasks, and improve operational efficiency with the latest technology and best practices.

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IT Security

Data security is more important than ever before in the digital age. We have the expertise to ensure you comply with regulations and keep your data secure by supporting you with effective digital solutions, consulting, and process optimization.

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User Experience

Keeping employees satisfied is key to employee engagement at your organization. Increase user acceptance and satisfaction with intuitive UX from itelligence. We help you develop and implement a UX strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business.

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Making critical business decisions as soon as possible is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. This requires a scalable and reliable real-time ERP suite. SAP S/4HANA from itelligence provides you with everything you need to keep up with the continuously developing modern business landscape.

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In the digital age, it is more important than ever to roll out new applications and processes which can be integrated into your IT landscape as quickly as possible. Platform as a Service (Paas) and the SAP Cloud Platform provide the technological foundations to make your digital transformation successful.

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SAP Partner itelligence Talks SAP Cloud Platform

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