Blending calculation in SAP with itelligence’s blending AddOn – Part 2

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Businesses are different – we join you!

itelligence’s blending AddOn addresses not only steel foundries with iron or nickel based material grades and alloys, but also firms with a variety of different grades, e.g. on an aluminum or cobalt basis.

Your production orders have so small quantities that it doesn’t pay to melt for each one individually? No problem! Combine as many matching orders as needed to fill the furnace to the desired degree. You are casting parts that are much bigger and heavier than a single fill of the furnace? The add-on addresses this case and gives the possibility to join two or more fills of a furnace in a ladle and use the whole quantity for a single production order. Even the changeover to a similar alloy after a part of the melted quantity has been casted is not an issue.gattierung

Confirmation of actually used material quantities can be done directly at the furnace by authorized employees via touch screen. Preliminary and final analyses can be transferred from the spectrometer into the system via IDoc. We assist you with arbitrarily many subsequent blendings and corrections, and take care about all necessary goods movements, confirmations and postings. Scrap material that is reused in production, burn-off, and sump quantities that stay in the furnace for the next blending, are considered. Of course, sump quantities immediately have the correct analysis which has been transferred from the spectrometer for the blending. Provided machine data for your furnaces, together with information about used ladles, drains, plugs, or continuous-casting equipments are available altogether and easily accessible in the add-on. Tight gearing with quality management makes redundant and error-prone operations such as the repeated capturing of analysis data unnecessary. Confirmations in the melting and casting processes can be carried out detached from your usual shop floor confirmation process as well as in an integrated way together with a comprehensive PDC system – which can also be part of your SAP system.

What’s more?

Rounded by processes that occur less frequently than the “normal” daily melting, but are equally important for a smooth melting and casting process flow, sintering, rinsing, and remelting functionalities are available in your SAP system through the add-on. Self-evidently, counters are available for furnaces and equipments like ladles that enable you to track which alloys have produced and when they have been melted, when the next sintering is due, or when the next technical inspection has to be performed.

Efficient, cost saving and integrated from work scheduling to cast: itelligence’s blending AddOn does the job. Please don´t hesitate to contact me via comment to learn more about this topic.

– by Gero Brockschnieder, itelligence AG –

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