Evaluating EDMS: The Value of Unburdening Your Document Management System

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From our previous post, it’s clear that Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) are essential for efficient and automated document processing in an ERP system. Manual document management systems translate into misspent hours processing documents, typing information into the ERP system, correcting errors and misfilings, locating documents across multiple email inboxes, and managing physical storage.

Manual Process

An increasing number of companies are seeking better opportunities for automating their business processes, in order to escape the hefty administrative burden that is often associated with handling multiple internal procedures manually, via a combination of paper and email.

it.smartSCAN itelligence’s All-in-one Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reader provides your company the opportunity for 100% automation of scanning, recognition, and registration of documents in your ERP System without any human interaction. Your company can completely replace the manual document management of receiving of physical documents, entering the data, while dramatically increasing data quality.  Depending on the number of documents, this could cost as little as $1 per scan.

it.SmartSCAN’s return on investment is typically realized quickly after adoption due to:

  1. Process improvements and optimization positively impacting multiple business functions
  2. Simple installation

it.smartSCAN processes both scanned documents, as well as, all PDF files, regardless if they are email attachments or located on shared drives. A rising trend is the receipt of PDF documents via email, especially used with international companies or Shared Financial Service Centers. Since sending PDF documents via email is becoming the new business norm, our registration technology eliminates the need for additional scanning hardware or document management solutions.

Data captured, such as business partners, transaction or invoice numbers, and other information contained on the document are validated and matched directly against the relevant records in the ERP or Workflow system. The online data look-up process is 100% transparent and visible to the user. Not only does this make replication of the master data is unnecessary, but it also allows automatic verification of documents in SAP ERP. That is, no resources are required to handle the documents in the document scanning software. The documents are automatically registered in the SAP ERP system. Auto verification is a substantial time saver and is a popular approach with our customers, as it is optional and only takes on click to enable.

it.SmartSCAN also contains advanced KPI reporting features, allowing administrators to focus on continuous process improvement and progress, examples include:

  • Volume reporting
  • User reporting
  • Document-field performance reporting

it.smartSCAN supports 189 languages is relevant to both small and expansive international installations.

In SAP the following is in scope:

  • Invoice documents
  • HR documents
  • Sales Order documents
  • Real Estate documents
  • And more…

Requirements: Minimum SAP ECC 6.0

In part 3 of this blog we introduce it.approval, our solution for managing, controlling, approving and posting of business documents within SAP ERP.

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