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Every single company that provides a physical good or a service to a customer has inherent quality management. Thus, there is a necessity to track and measure this quality. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” This is especially true when it comes to the strict guidelines many companies have to define quality. Yet, many companies choose to use solutions outside of their SAP ERP system or even better, choose to track quality strictly on paper.

Maybe they fail to see the power that comes with an integrated solution. Maybe they are just stuck in their ways. Maybe they believe quality on paper is good enough because it is strictly regulatory. Maybe they choose third party solutions because they are more user-friendly.  No matter the situation, companies are increasingly hungry for an easy way to record, track, and interpret integrated quality results.

Implementing an integrated, easy to use quality management solution can help with many of the business needs listed below:

  • Maintaining brand equity
  • Using data points to illustrate and validate common beliefs
  • Easing regulatory pains (i.e. digital signatures, mock recalls etc.)
  • Root cause analysis of specific vendor/production/internal issues
  • Corrective/preventative action tracking (CAPA)

Whether your company is recording quality in a third party solution or on paper, the it.quality management cockpit solution offers a mobile, user-friendly application to ensure quality is tracked and integrated and data is easy to present for internal initiatives or regulatory needs. The solution is inherently mobile allowing for real-time processing. In some cases, this will reduce duplicating efforts when results are first recorded on paper and then manually input into the system. The solution uses native SAP functionality as to not disrupt companies currently using QM functionality. Rather, the solution looks to supplement and enhance the quality management functions by offering an intuitive user interface with quick and easy access to “quick-click” analytics.

Ultimately, our solution designers have delivered on our initial it.quality management cockpit design concepts formed by customer feedback. It ensures an affordable platform, requires no infrastructure, keeps the UI SIMPLE for adoption, and delivers core quality management functionality to reduce duplicating efforts, inaccurate results recording, and strong user adoption.

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We’d love the opportunity to share our it.quality cockpit with you in a live demo. Our customers are also bringing new, fresh requirements into our core solution stack via a co-development strategy that helps address the solution gaps and further evolves our solution capability. Our it.quality management cockpit solution is available to be deployed in the Cloud via SCP or on-premise.

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