Four Analytics Trends From itelligence Customers

Changing buyer trends from IT to business users, for analytics and predictive analytics applications

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, keeping up with the latest trends in analytics and the needs of our customers is more important than ever. With our consultants in constant contact with our customers around the globe, we get a lot of feedback on what their biggest goals and concerns are when it comes to deriving value from their IT systems and measuring their return on investment. We also spend a lot of time researching the hottest trends in business intelligence / analytics and what’s coming around the corner. Here are four things we think should be on everyone’s radar.

1. Business-Side Professionals Make the First Move

The most notable change we observed this year is that more and more business-side professionals are taking the lead in exploring – and ultimately choosing – their company’s analytics solutions. This is a drastic shift from years past, when it was primarily IT professionals who lead their companies to the big data well. The change shows that business-side professionals are waking up to the many ways that the right analytics solutions can disrupt existing business models and help companies gain a competitive advantage.

2. Deep Dives into Analytics

Business-side professionals are becoming especially interested in tools that allow them to drill down from an executive level view all the way to line items to help better determine insights at all levels of business. Level-by-level analytics assessments are empowering companies to create a path to better leverage analytics and grow into predictive capabilities and visualize real-time cost-saving opportunities. As one customer told us, “we don’t want to be reactively putting out fires. We are looking for a tool that will help us prevent them in the first place.”

3. The Need for Speed

Not surprisingly, getting to data insights faster is also a hot-button issue among customers. IT buyers are clearly noticing the value of real-time analytics insights, which provide end-users greater capabilities to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and customer expectations and better manage their own costs.

4. IoT Access

IT buyers are looking at the Internet of Things as a necessary capability to proactively manage their product demand and customer needs. The connectivity enabled by IoT solutions is becoming increasingly vital to any organization looking to further grow from real-time data insights. With the amount of data available to companies growing exponentially, the demand for cost-effective big data analytics solutions will only continue to rise.

More Information

Whether your organization is seeking a new system, looking to improve on an existing one, or trying to deliver better data visualization capabilities to end-users, check how predictive analytics can help your organization grow.

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