SAP Lumira 2.0: A Great Start on a Digital Transformation Journey

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Some of you have started your Digital Transformation journey—yay! However, most of the customers we talk to are either just beginning to define their transformation or have not yet started. If you are one of the many still in that fuzzy place, how can SAP Lumira help you?

Quite a few ways!

  • Digital Transformation is powered by a thirst for information, and the ability to make quick decisions based on that information. Lumira can assist greatly here, by providing an easy user interface for business users to access their data and create visualizations.
  • Digital Transformation requires a profound addition to prepared-by-the-few, highly formatted reports—discovering trends in the data and creating quick reports on that data. When you pay attention to increasing user adoption of BI and enterprise data sources, your business is accelerated. At ASUG Annual Conference, a customer presented that now executives are building dashboards on the weekend, because they are so excited to be slicing-and-dicing the data that runs their business. That, peeps, is transformation.
  • Many Digital Transformation journeys also require LIVE access to enterprise data. Extracts that are days old are no longer enough for nimble decision-making. Lumira shines here by providing *the best* access to live HANA data and live BW data. Live. No pulls. No extracts. No personal copies and silos. No “last refreshed two months ago”. (all of these personal data copies also put you at incredible risk for impending Global Data Protection Regulation)

 You also need broad data access-for SAP and non-SAP sources. Lumira 2.0 includes coverage for these (and many other) sources:

  • Amazon EMR Hive and Redshift
  • Apache Hadoop Hive and Spark
  • Cloudera Impala
  • Excel
  • JDBC
  • Hortonworks
  • DB2
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle Exadata and MySQL
  • com
  • Teradata

 What to do next

To learn more, download the SAP Lumira Data Visualization Handbook. 

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