Georgia Ports Authority’s SAP Upgrade Sets Sail with the Help of itelligence

SAP Upgrade by itelligence North America

As the busiest single terminal container facility in the U.S., the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) was in need of an SAP upgrade to its existing SAP system to help keep up with its expanding, fast-paced business operations. GPA turned to itelligence because of our extensive knowledge of its business needs, reputation as a trustworthy partner, and deep experience with SAP upgrades and deployments. We implemented much needed upgrades to GPA’s existing SAP software, including updating the production environment to prerequisite patch level, preparing the new SAP Sandbox, Development and Quality Center testing instances, and a Unicode conversion.

After embarking on a four-month project to upgrade to SAP ECC6.0, GPA was able to take advantage of new SAP functionality while maintaining access to support and maintenance for its existing SAP systems. Since the implementation, GPA has enjoyed faster speeds, improved security, eliminated audit concerns, and revised business processes, procedures and documentation to better prepare for future enhancements. The updates have also allowed GPA to remain on SAP Mainstream Maintenance, a service which was set to expire on its previous system.

The benefits of the new SAP system have empowered GPA to improve efficiency and accuracy of their inventory and maintenance processes and increase employee productivity. In the future, GPA plans to further improve its SAP landscape by upgrading existing BPC solutions and implementing the use of Personas to improve user experience.

Learn more about SAP Upgrade Success

To learn more about GPA’s SAP upgrade success, view the full case study here.


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