Customer Survey: itelligence Exceeds Customer Expectations, Drives Strategic Partnerships

itelligence managed services customer survey

Latest itelligence Managed Services Customer Satisfaction Survey Demonstrates Continuous Improvement

The results are in! Responses to our itelligence Managed Services Customer Satisfaction Survey for the second half of 2016 indicate that we are exceeding expectations and helping our customers drive strategic business goals for their companies.

Many thanks to our survey participants for their time and feedback, and to our itelligence professionals for their excellence.

The fact is, our job is about more than delivering services. Simply put, our job is to ensure our customers achieve measurable results from working with us, and that they value itelligence as a strategic partner. To really walk that talk, we need to enable honest customer feedback, assess and reassess our effectiveness, and make continuous improvements.

Listen, improve, repeat

Our itelligence managed services customer satisfaction survey program is one of the many ways we reach out to our customer companies for valuable insights that ensure that we consistently deliver on our promises and exceed their expectations.

Twice a year, we ask key decision makers at our customer companies to evaluate our performance and their partnership with itelligence. We analyze each piece of feedback as we compile the results.

The survey helps us evaluate our performance in three key areas:

  • Overall customer satisfaction– True customer “satisfaction” means we have listened to our customers’ true needs, helped them avoid issues and solve business problems, and that we deliver the service levels they need to succeed.
  • Customer loyalty– Satisfied customers are more likely to remain customers, and they are more likely to happily recommend our team and our services.
  • Service importance– We ask customers to tell us where we exceed their expectations – and what misses the mark. We use that feedback to adjust our offerings and processes as needed.

How did we do this time around?

Survey participants had good things to say about the itelligence team. We heard that itelligence managed services resources went over and beyond the required work to solve problems. Our proactive approach to working with customer teams helps resolve issues before they become management problems, saving time and management headaches.

Our survey respondents gave us some pretty significant overall ratings:

  • 91% Managed Services Customer satisfaction rating
  • 92% Managed Cloud satisfaction rating
  • 95% Maintenance satisfaction rating
  • 61% overall view itelligence as a strategic partner

The director of managed services and software engineering for a leading North America animal health company wrote, “The dedicated resources and the project manager really took ownership of our system and business processes to the same level as my best employees.”

A Senior Systems Manager for a global provider of financial services technology says, “We had an urgent need for help outside the normal scope of services we are contracted for. itelligence quickly found the right resource to work with us and help us through the difficult remediation period.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up. The IT Director for a manufacturer of automotive components and assemblies told us, “The assessments performed by itelligence have given us good insight into continuous improvement opportunities that will add value.”

The value of strategic partnership

It’s telling that a strong majority (61%) of our customers view itelligence as a strategic partner – not just another vendor or preferred supplier.

The Senior Manager, SAP Center of Excellence for one of the largest restaurant franchisees in the U.S. told us, “itelligence played the role of strategic partner in helping plan our upgrade strategy, and went above and beyond in execution. I was most impressed by the level of ownership that itelligence displayed in the success of the project.”

Bill Strasser, our Vice President, Managed Services, is passionate about the importance of working with customers as a strategic partner. He says, “Here at itelligence, we are always striving to be a strategic partner to our customers. That’s how we ensure that we can continue to deliver the highest value with our services. When our customer relationships rise to the level of strategic partnership, it’s because our customers trust us to help them meet unique market challenges and achieve key business goals. We are so grateful for the trust and partnership of our customers.”

Good, better, best – never let it rest

The most important thing we do when after we compile our customer satisfaction surveys is, follow up! That’s what distinguishes itelligence managed services from our competitors and helps ensure that we keep our customers productive, engaged and happy.

Our follow-up process has two key aspects:

  • Constructive criticism and ratings scores We leverage customer feedback to correct mistakes and improve service delivery. We listen to constructive criticism in order to understand where expectations were misaligned and make the necessary adjustments to processes and services.
  • Accolades We share kudos and positive feedback with our consultants. We celebrate the wins while ensuring we don’t lose sight of opportunities for improvement.

Steve Short, our Senior Vice President, Managed Services, sums up how we all feel here at itelligence: “With a humble heart, with gratitude for our customers and team members, these customer satisfaction survey results demonstrate that our customers are getting what they need from us. We are on a journey of mutual success, and it is great to know we are on the right road together!”

For more information about our survey results please connect with me, Emery Streit .

For information on itelligence Managed Services, read our blogs or for immediate help with SAP, please contact us or give us a call at 1-866-itell-help (483-5543).

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