Maximizing ERP Return on Investment with On-Demand Support Services

Posted by Tony Morgan, March 26, 2009

Companies that adopted enterprise resource planning (ERP) software prior to the current economic downturn now face a serious dilemma: How can their organizations increase ERP functionality while simultaneously reducing operating costs and even head counts?

As margins shrink and competition increases, decision makers look to their ERP systems to give their enterprises an advantage. However, the internal IT departments in charge of these ERP systems face dwindling budgets. The reality is, companies must learn how to generate greater results from their ERP software packages with fewer resources.

On-demand support partners can offer capabilities far beyond support. A trusted support partner can function as a one-stop shop for ERP break/fix, continuous improvement, part-time projects and optimization. This diverse capability not only drives value on its own, but also allows in-house resources to focus on their core competencies, which results in an ever-increasingly streamlined ERP solution.


Utilizing a shared services approach to ERP support gives companies the flexibility needed to drive value through enterprise software while adhering to unforgiving budgets—assuming that the company chooses wisely from available partners. Support services providers can differ greatly in regards to requirements for team-member experience; billing models; and other aspects that can ultimately impact client-side performance.


Given the economic downturn, companies have begun to think in terms of value, rather than cost. This same thinking prompted companies to invest in ERP systems in the first place, in order to streamline business processes, optimize core efficiencies and eliminate all non-value-adding elements throughout the entire enterprise.


Companies now face the challenge of enhancing their ERP capabilities in order to gain a competitive advantage while working within tight budgets. As these companies seek ERP-support partners, a continued commitment to value provides the first step toward wise investment.


Tony Morgan is Director of Customer Support Services for itelligence Inc.


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