Meeting Business Demands by Making Business Intelligence More Effective and Relevant

Understanding data better and using it to make smarter, business-critical decisions are two challenges most organizations face. The rising need for business insights has never been greater, and professionals at all levels need to understand, and have access to, the latest analytics tools.

Beyond the point of simply building a case for Business Intelligence (BI), increased functionality, among other benefits, has streamlined business processes and helped manage operations. However, many organizations hesitate today to upgrade their BI platform because of uncertainty around the added value a new version will deliver.

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 brings a multitude of improvements and benefits that include lower total cost of ownership; a more stable, standardized BI platform; improved reporting abilities and integration with reporting applications; support and integration with existing profiles; and interactive and visually appealing dashboard and scorecards.

With these improvements and a suite of valuable tools, BusinessObjects provides relevant, timely and trusted information. Whether migrating from BusinessObjects Enterprise (V5, V6, or XI R2), the benefits of moving systems to BusinessObjects 4.0 will deliver a strong return on the BI investment.

itelligence uses a comprehensive migration assessment methodology to demonstrate all of the advantages SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 provides and helps companies:

1. Gain a greater understanding of the qualitative and quantitative benefits a BusinessObjects upgrade offers and how an upgrade can better meet BI needs.

2. Assess and understand the costs associated with a BusinessObjects upgrade and the impact of new architecture on end-user utilization and satisfaction.

3. Analyze and identify critical upgrade and infrastructure issues, the causes of utilization issues and potential difficulties in migrating to the upgraded version.

4. Employ best practices around utilization and business process improvements that better fit organizational needs.

5. Train and prepare users and administrators on the new interface and functionality of 4.0.

Have you made the migration? What experience have you had, or what’s holding you back?

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