7 Ways to Optimize SAP | If You Only Have a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

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The seventh, and final, tip in our Optimize SAP blog series focuses on eliminating solutions that have been created outside the SAP system. When the business needs to function and is unaware of SAP transactions right at their fingertips, they will use tried and true means, usually Excel, to accomplish the tasks. Armed with adeptness at Excel, they will create elaborate methods to address their business functions. But the Excel hammer is not needed and causes key data to be carried outside the system. It also causes reliance on a few key resources that understand the jerry-rigged process.

Eliminate Auxiliary Systems & Leverage the Value of SAP Integration

One example of the need to eliminate side systems is when we found a company using activity values confirmed on process orders as planned values instead of using actual hours because the actual hours were captured outside of SAP and not transferred to SAP process orders. Therefore, variances were not captured accurately due to the confirmation of planned values in process/production orders.

It is important to develop a process for capturing the actual values for all activity types. This includes developing an interface to capture the actual labor hours in SAP. Manufacturing instructions can also be added inside SAP to allow the instructions to print automatically when the process order is released. Leveraging the value of your SAP system integrates and automates this process and eliminates the need for an external system.

It’s time to quit treating every “extra” process as a nail. Whether your SAP implementation was 1 year ago or 10 years ago, an assessment specifically looking for the Excel hammers would greatly benefit your organization in terms of better operations accuracy and visibility.

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I presented a customer case study with Morgan Foods at the SAP SAPPHIRE conference in Orlando on May 15-18 that focused on the 7 initiatives to Optimize SAP and the benefits realized in each step on the road map.  Click here to view my presentation.

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