Overview of itelligence Maintenance Support Team

Your itelligence Maintenance Support Team consists of:

Enterprise Support Manager: Misty Gooley
Application Consultants: Christine Turner, Barb Tackett, Natalie Berry, Jeremy Maxfield

– Dedicated cross functional and technical consultants
– Certified Support Consultants
– Coverage time 8:00am to 6:00pm (EST) Monday through Friday
– After hours and weekend support for Priority One Issues (24×7) provided by SAP Global Support
– Email: Maintenance.Support@itelligencegroup.com

Why itelligence Maintenance Support?

– Dedicated support staff located in the United States
– Assigned Account Manager committed to your success
– Regular correspondence from itelligence Maintenance Support Team
– Quick tips and tricks to help you in searching for notes on Service Marketplace
– Local contact person for questions regarding Maintenance Support
– Quarterly e-newsletter with helpful tips and important information regarding Maintenance Support
– Proactive follow up regarding inactive Maintenance Support messages (messages in Customer Action for over a week)
– Proactive follow-up to issues that have been forwarded to the next level of SAP Support
– Free use of itelligence Solution Manager system

Our goal is to always EXCEED your expectations! Let us know what we may do to better improve our service.

Tips to Expedite Your Maintenance Support Messages:

– Include error message number & error message text
– Attach the first 5 pages of the Short Dump (if applicable)
– Detailed step-by-step instructions to recreate the error (including Transaction Codes)
– Include information of any recent system changes (including support packs, patches or recently applied notes)
– Indicate if the issue occurs for all users or not
– Indicate in which system the error occurs
– Include any notes you have found or applied in an effort to resolve the issue
– Open your system connection and include logon information (don’t forget router passwords too, if applicable)
– Include contact name and phone number information

If you include the above information in your initial inquiry that should speed up the message processing.

Maintenance Support Selection Sheets Due

With SAP announcing two types of maintenance support being offered starting in 2010, customers are allowed to change their support selection one time a year by written notice. The deadline to make this change is close of business on Thursday September 30th. However, in an effort to ensure that all customer requests are received and processed by SAP before this deadline passes, we request that you submit the selection sheet to us by Friday September 24th via email: Maintenance.Support@itelligencegroup.com or fax: 513-733-8855. In the event that your selection is not completed by September 30, 2010, SAP will view this as your selection to remain on your current support offering.

Should you have any questions regarding this selection, please contact your Account Executive or your itelligence Maintenance Support Team at 866-itell-help (483-5543).

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