Overview of itelligence Maintenance Support

maintenance support

Your itelligence Maintenance Support Team

Enterprise Support Manager: Gail Carr
SAP Maintenance Support Analysts:  Christine Turner, Randy Caudill, Brandon Fox, Wendy Birt, Derrick Dickstein and Alex Richards

– Dedicated and local cross functional and technical consultants
– Certified Support Consultants
– Coverage time 8:00am to 8:00pm (EST) Monday through Friday
– After hours and weekend support for Priority One Issues (24×7) provided by SAP Global Support
– Email: Maintenance.Support@itelligencegroup.com

Why itelligence Maintenance Support?

  • Dedicated support staff located in the United States for questions regarding Maintenance Support
  • Proactive Support:
    • Trusted Key Advisor – Concierge Service
    • Dedicated Mission Critical Support 24/7…live person!
    • Consistent daily review of incidents
    • Proactive follow-up on your Maintenance Support messages (including escalations)
    • Expert Advice for quick incident resolutions
    • Direct link to the SAP CIC, for proactive follow-up to issues that have been forward to the next level of SAP Support
  • Operation Improvement Services:
    • Early Watch Alert program – Second set of eyes for your RUN environment
    • SAP License Audit facilitation – We can run your reports for you
    • SAP PCoE (Partner Center of Excellent) since 2008, ensuring excellent service!
    • Service Level Agreements on incidents for all priorities
  • Reactive Support:
    • Response time for incidents, currently averaging 5.3 minutes
    • Remote support for emergency access
    • Continuous improvement of processes – we use ITIL
    • Root cause analysis on production critical incidents
    • Positive Call Closures for your feedback
  • Free use of itelligence Solution Manager System
  • CLM (Customer Service Lifecycle Methodology) to keep you in a RUN state – proactive verses reactive
  • Getting the most from your SAP Service Marketplace individual training for you and your staff
  • TQC advisory team (Total Quality Checks)
  • Quarterly e-newsletter with important information regarding Maintenance
  • Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.5 (out of 10)

Tips to Expedite Your Maintenance Support Messages

Include the following:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to reproduce the error (include transaction codes being used and program names)
  • Attach short dumps to the ticket (first 5 pages) and table traces and logs
  • Dump analysis (if available)
  • Error messages, include numbers and text
  • Recent system changes (including support packs, patches or recently applied notes)
  • Indicate if the issue occurs for all users or not
  • Indicate in which system the error occurs
  • Include any notes you have found or applied in an effort to resolve the issue
  • Open your system connection and include logon information (do not forget router passwords too, if applicable)
  • Include contact name, telephone number and email
  • Include deadline, if you have one

If you include the above information in your initial inquiry that should speed up the message processing.

Our goal is to always EXCEED your expectations!

Please contact us about Maintenance or any other itelligence services at any time.

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