What Is A Roadmap Assessment?

roadmap assessment

Over the last couple of months, you’ve learned about multiple quick win opportunities that you can utilize to optimize your SAP environment. With the number of enterprise technology tools and solutions available today, there is often confusion among companies in terms of knowing the best options for achieving success. We can help! You’ve probably heard about our Advisory Services Roadmap Assessment. But, what does that mean?

What Is A Roadmap Assessment?

An Advisory Services Roadmap Assessment brings practical recommendations in a matter of weeks that streamline operations, improve productivity, reduce costs of operations and increase knowledge, allowing you to better leverage your SAP environment.

After some preparation, we perform on-site workshops one week, debrief offsite for a week, and then return the following week with recommendations.

The Roadmap Assessment guiding principles are:

  • Practical recommendations that can be implemented near term
  • Business process focused
  • Recommendations derived from deeply experienced Solution Architects who understand leading company best practices
  • Business participation workshops
  • Range of cost and value per recommendation

And, What It Is Not

Having been a past CIO myself, I knew it was important to deliver results quickly and in a digestible format. It is also important when starting this process to understand what the Roadmap Assessment is not:

  • It is not a futuristic vision that is 3 to 5 years before feasible
  • No “imagine the possibilities”
  • Not a sales play on finding white space in your technology stack
  • Not IT driven
  • Not a long, drawn out process
  • Not a 100 page document to wade through

Learn More

Are you realizing the full potential of your SAP investment? With itelligence Advisory and Assessment Services, we work as your trusted partner to identify real and tangible solutions that deliver value from your SAP investment. To learn more about this process, check out our infographic.

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