SAP Material Ledger – Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Material Ledger

Are you considering activation of the SAP Material Ledger within your SAP ERP System?   Our Advisory Services team often get questions about the SAP Material Ledger, so we decided to run an educational webinar as part of our monthly Run SAP Webinar Series.   In this 60 minute webinar,  SAP Material Ledger – Get to Know It, our Platinum SAP Solution Architect, Harish Menta, took clients through an overview of the SAP Material Ledger.  He discussed what kind of organizations need the Material Ledger and also addressed these Frequently Asked Questions.

SAP Material Ledger Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our organization has more than one plant and one company code. Do we need to activate the Material Ledger in all the plants? (OSS notes: 596558)
  • Can we activate Material Ledger for Material Valuation without actual costing activated?
  • Could we activate the ML for Actual costing without activating Multiple valuations/transfer prices or vice versa?
  • Is it possible to automate (create a batch job) for the Actual costing run (CKMLCP)?
  • Is it mandatory to execute the Standard costing before executing the Actual costing run?
  • What happens if Asset Accounting is active and interested to implement the Material Ledger with Transfer price functionality?
  • When to execute CK40N (Standard Costing run) and CKMLCP (Material Ledger Actual Costing) if Actual costing is active?
  • With all the complications, is there any other way to have transfer price mechanism without activating the Material Ledger transfer price functionality?

Judging by the popularity of our RUN SAP Webinar Series, we know we are sharing tips and tricks to alleviate common pain points. Join us for future webinars, and let us know how we can help your organization get the most out of your SAP system!

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